Master Alim Pool, still the club of choice after more than 15 years

Master Alim Pool, one of the oldest pool and billiard clubs in Brunei and home to some national cueists, continues to strive for service excellence and after more than 15 years, it’s still the club of choice.

Founded in 2001, Master Alim Pool has made a name for itself and is a household name in cue sports' scene in the country.

Master Alim Pool provides top quality pool table - the “Iwan Simonis 860” - a table that can be found in regional and international pool and billiard tournaments.

The gym is also stocked with world-class equipment such as “Aramith” pool ball set and cue as the club focuses on giving the customers the best value for their money.

They are also still the only club in the country to provide “Rack” (the act of setting billiard balls in starting position) for the customers.

“Master Alim is still one of the top places for the local cueists to hang out and it is also home to some national cueists… so we always have some good competitive games going on in this club,” said the club’s manager Pg Md Faiq Hafizuddin Pg Hj Jalaludin.

The club can be found at Unit A4-A5, 1st Floor, Block A, Seri Purnama Complex in Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan, centre of the CBD, close to banks, shopping complex and public transport which is convenient for the customers.

“At Master Alim Pool we are encouraging people to take up the sport competitively and with our connection with the national team, we usually recommend new talents to train with them,” added Pg Md Faiq.

Master Alim is accommodating in terms of competitive games as it was previously owned by Lim Tat Hwe, the current national cue sports coach.

The club is also home to the country’s top national cueists Ahmad Taufiq Murni and Hj Mohd Khairuddin Hj Asnan.

Taufiq, the current champion of both the Brunei Snooker Championship and Brunei Cue Sports Association (BCSA) National 9-Ball Ranking Challenge, shocked the world when he defeated former world number 1 Ralf Souquet, who was then ranked number 8 during the Beijing Open in 2011.

“For us as management, it is always important to get the people connected in the sport (pool and snooker), so one of the strategies is to organise more tournaments and hopefully to be able to work with other agencies in providing pool and snooker clinics for the younger generations,” said Pg Md Faiq.

Master Alim Pool also now offers a wide range of services, including table cloth and cue tip installations as well as shaft cleaning.

They also sell products such as pool cue tips, pool gloves, chalk, cue stick and table cloths.

Master Alim is open Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 11am to midnight. It is also open on Friday and Sunday from 3pm to midnight.

For inquiries, contact Pg Md Faiq at 7191877.

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