Busy year for Busiido BJJ Club

Caption: Resident Black Belt from Canada Mike Yates (C) teaches the practitioners to maintain guard and attack the arm during a training session. Picture: Courtesy of Busiido BJJ Club

Ak Fauzi Pg Salleh


BUSIIDO Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Club are preparing for their biggest and busiest season this year, with the World Master Jiu Jitsu Championships in Las Vegas in August set to be their most important competition in their calendar.


One of the most accomplished BJJ clubs in Southeast Asia, Busiido BJJ club will first focus their attention on the Copa De Malaysia and the Pan Asian BJJ Championships in the Philippines next month.


“Some of us are going to the Copa De Malaysia and some are going to the Pan Asian BJJ in the Philippines over the coming months,” said the club’s head coach Ahmad Faez Anuar, or better known as ‘Eazy’, in an interview with BruSports recently.


“For the Copa De Malaysia, some of us will be competing for the very first time, while for the Pan Asian BJJ Championships, for most of us, this will be our first time competing in the Masters’s category.”


Busiido BJJ Club are also preparing for the Copa De Bangkok Thailand which is set to take place on April 22.


“I am going to the Copa De Bangkok with Nobel (Lee) in April, and then a couple of us will go to the Copa De Hong Kong in August. We will be going straight to Las Vegas for the Worlds Masters a few days after that,” continued Eazy.


“For now, Abi Umamah and Nobel are confirmed to join me for the World Master Jiu Jitsu Championship in Las Vegas.


“We are going to be competing against the best of the best. It is the Worlds after all… We are keeping our expectations real and are just focusing on training hard and taking one position at a time.


“Like I have always, said podium finishes are just a bonus - but if we can win a couple of matches and win bronzes, we will be very happy.”


Eazy added that this year will be their busiest to date and that the training has stepped up a gear under the supervision of the resident black belt from Canada, Mike Yates.


 “This year I’ve also got a Super Fight set in Kota Kinabalu in October. It will be a four-man challenge competition, and we are also waiting for updates on the Southeast Asian Grappling Championships in Singapore,” said Eazy.


“We are just going to keep training and grinding, but we all can see that the training has really stepped up this time around… And our black belt holder Mike has picked up the intensity of training.


“There are a lot of drills, and as expected, our usual drills have also picked up its intensity.


“He (Mike) also had been focusing a lot on pressure, because once you are tired and are under pressure, it is your default game that is always going to work,” he stressed.


In conjunction with the country’s 33rd National Day celebrations today, the head coach of wished a Happy 33rd National Day to everyone.


“From us at Busiido BJJ, we wish a Happy 33rd National Day to Brunei Darussalam,” said Eazy.


“Keep it a peaceful place, and if you’ve got nothing else better to do, just come here to Busiido and train with us.”

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