Mogard, Nina ready for Test of Will 2017 Regional Finals

Caption: Michael Mogard (2nd L) and Nina Juna (R) will represent Brunei at the Test of Will 2017 regional finals tomorrow. Picture: Courtesy of Michael Mogard


Yee Chun Leong

MICHAEL Mogard and Nina Juna are ready to battle against the top athletes in the region at the Test of Will 2017 Regional Finals tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur.

Both of them get to represent Brunei as the top ranked athletes during the two-day national heats early last month.

Mogard will be up against Jet Ng (Singapore), Khoo Teik Guan (Malaysia), Ben Lakoff (Thailand), Elberlino Tiwa (Indonesia) and Raje Fama (the Philippines) in the men’s division.

As for the women’s division, Nina will be competing against Faith Tan (Singapore), Koay Jin May (Malaysia), Phannapha Nichapha (Thailand), Jemima Djatmiko (Indonesia) and Joyce Reboton (the Philippines).

The final will be made up of a total of eight rounds. At the end of the fourth round, the bottom two male and female athletes will be eliminated.

The top-four in each division will then contest in the next round with the last place in each subsequent round (from 5-7) to be eliminated.

Mogard, the owner of Reebok CrossFit 673, is ready for the challenges ahead.

“I'm proud to represent Brunei. Our 673 community has been very supportive and I look forward to the competition,” said Mogard in an interview with BruSports when contacted earlier today.

“As always with international competitions, the best part is connecting and building friendships with people from so many different countries and cultures.

”I have been preparing for the upcoming CrossFit regionals in Sydney, Australia at the end of May, so that training programme has doubled as my Test of Will preparation,” added the Iowa native.

When asked on the difference between Test of Will and CrossFit, Mogard replied: The Test of Will contains 9 short events over the course of one day in an elimination style format.

“CrossFit events are usually over the course of 2-3 days and everyone does all the events,” he added.

“This format makes it even more important to execute because if you don't, you will be eliminated,” continued the 33-year-old, who placed ninth overall in Asia for the CrossFit Open earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Nina hopes to be able to make it out to the next round and is looking forward to the competition.

“I hope that I can go through the first four rounds to proceed to the next round,” said Nina, who is a CrossFitter from Extremis Athletics box.

”I have been preparing by doing my daily crossfit workout. For me there is no big difference if compared with CrossFit.

“In Test of Will, they still do the workouts which are same as CrossFit but with added agility workouts,” she added.

“I am going to do my best as a female Brunei representative and will have fun,” concluded Nina, who finished on top of the podium at the Chainblock Strongest Women competition last month.

The Test of Will 2017 Regional Finals will begin at 9am at Berjaya Times Square.

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