Bruneian duo for AOP training camp in Kuala Lumpur

Yee Chun Leong

JASPAR Yu Woon Chai and Mattew Lingie Anak Minggat will attend the AOP (Asian Olympic Project) training camp in Kuala Lumpur from June 26 - July 9.

It will be the second time for Yu attending the AOP having gotten a taste of it last year.

“As expected in any training camp it will be like a 9-5 job - wake up, train, eat and train more,” explained Yu.

“I’m also looking to sparring against the top players from the other countries who are more or less on the same level as us,” he added.

On the other hand, 17-year-old Mattew is looking forward to the camp.

“I’m looking forward to play against players from other countries. I’m really excited to go,” said the PTES student.

Mattew Lingie during a training session yesterday at the MPH of the Menglait Sports Complex. Picture: Yee Chun Leong

Md Zuno Kartono Hj Ali, the Brunei Darussalam Badminton Association assistant secretary, hopes that the pair will take the best out of the training camp.

“For Jaspar it will help him to prepare for the Celcom Axiata Malaysia International Series which is right after the AOP,” said Zuno.

“While for Mattew, it is for him to gain experience and exposure to train with other international coaches as well as spar with other Asian players who are joining the training camp.

“We hope that through this training camp, the players will gain experience and bring back the knowledge to train harder,” he added.

“In the future not only these two players will continue to attend the AOP, any other young and potential players will also get their opportunities.

“But they will need to prove that they are not only good in playing badminton, but also very good in discipline, committed and motivated,” he concluded.

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