Bike Doctor BN unveil Litespeed Titanium Bike

Yee Chun Leong

BIKE Doctor BN unveiled the Litespeed Titanium Bike - the first of its kind to be available in Brunei - last night.

Ali Ibn Abdullah (aka Mr Grant), the manager of Bike Doctor BN, told BruSports News that the titanium bikes are a level above the rest found in the Sultanate.

Ali Ibn Abdullah delivering a speech before the unveiling of the bike at Bike Doctor BN. Picture: Yee Chun Leong

“I would say that they are the best bikes in Brunei because everything else out there on the road is generally carbon fibre. These are the first full titanium frames in the whole of Brunei,” said Mr Grant, who celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday.

“Titanium gives you a range of advantages. It is stronger than any other bike frame material.

“It is extremely light and it is resilient to almost everything - salt water, acid, wear and tear,” he added.

“This bike will last a lifetime and may be able to pass down to your children. But I chose it because it is something I would ride,” continued the Briton, who has been riding for over half his life.

Ali Ibn Abdullah with his spouse Dr Noorhasifah Tengah after unveiling the Litespeed Titanium Bike last night. Picture: Yee Chun Leong

Bike Doctor BN, owned by his spouse Dr Noorhasifah Tengah, was setup in late December last year and provides professional cleaning and repairing services.

Mr Grant believes in providing the best quality work and hopes to expand the business further in the near future.

“What I offer is dedication and expertise. I come from an engineering background and pay attention to detail, precision and quality,” said Mr Grant.

“When a customer brings a bike to me, I take care of it like it is my own bike.

“I try to give them back the bike as good as new. Whatever job I’m given, I will try my very best,” he added.

A group photo of invited guests to the unveiling of the Litespeed Titanium Bike. Picture: Yee Chun Leong

“We will be hiring more staff for the shop and they will go through a rigorous training period to maintain the quality.

“I like customer satisfaction and that is what I want to do more than money. It is better to please somebody and know that they will come back,” he concluded.

Those interested to view the bikes can drop by the Bike Doctor BN (located at No 7, Spg 15, Kg Kiarong) from 9am - 6pm.

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