TBA got you covered with Personal Accident for Active Life

Are you an athlete or do exercise regularly? You are most likely to be in very good health.

Compared to other people, athletes and sports junkies usually eat well, exercise regularly, and get a lot of rest. Although this kind of lifestyle could be beneficial for their long-term health, they are not immune to getting injuries.

Exercising regularly and competing in sports events comes with many obvious challenges. For an athlete to improve their performance, they usually go through strenuous training.

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However, when they exert themselves too much in training, they are bound to experience its negative effects. While pushing one’s limits can mean triumph, overdoing one’s training can lead to serious injuries.

Millions of people experience injuries that are sports-related. Sciatica, concussions, bone fractures, anterior knee pain, medial epicondylitis, rotator cuff injury, and lateral epicondylitis are just some of the injuries commonly sustained by athletes.

Good athletes and physically active people are the ones with a smart plan to protect their health and interest and at the same time be able to optimise their training.

No matter what sports you engaged in, from the most celebrated sport in the world, football to an exclusive polo, a sport belonged to the rich and privileged few, no one will walk away from injury.

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So what do you need to protect yourself?

Introducing to you the TAKAFUL Brunei Am Sdn Bhd (TBA) product extension: the Personal Accident for Active Life Takaful, a protection plan made to cater to individuals with active lifestyles such as those who routinely play recreational sports, cycle, join fitness classes/programmes or the gymnasium.

Launched earlier this year, the goal of the Personal Accident for Active Life Takaful is to ensure these individuals are protected through compensation benefits that assist in speedy recovery, the types of injuries due to accidents during these activities include sutured lacerations, avulsions, bone fractures, bone dislocation and also include physiotherapy expenses.

Wheelchair and prosthesis expenses are also included if the injuries sustained require its usage as well as corrective dental and/or cosmetic surgery expenses up to B$5,000.

Individuals are able to choose from a range of three plans that cover death and total permanent disability due to accident with 24-hour worldwide coverage provided with treatments within Brunei Darussalam.

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The other product launched was the All Risk Takaful for Bicycle protection plan that covers bicycles that cost B$1,000 and above in the event of theft on premises and damages caused from road accidents.

The past year has seen an increase in the number of people involved in cycling activities recreationally and as well as competitively and more people are investing in premium cycling equipment.

With the All Risk Takaful for Bicycle protection plan, individuals can reduce the cost of replacements in the event of an unforeseen accident or theft; individuals will also be able to recover faster and pursue a longer active lifestyle with their loved ones.

TBA is pursuing to play its role in establishing better health and fitness awareness with the introduction of these two product extensions.

With these special Takaful protection plans, individuals can be worry free about the financial cost of rehabilitation from sustaining injuries during their everyday recreational activities.

Picture: Courtesy of TBA

The Personal Accident for Active Life is also available for companies who provide group fitness classes, programmes and facilities to be included into their clients memberships as an additional benefit, allowing companies to provide value-added to their clients and hopefully encourage Brunei Darussalam residents to choose a healthier lifestyle as well as acts as an opportunity for the local fitness industry to grow.

So just drop by one of the TBA branches or simply call our TBA Call Centre 224 4000 or visit our website at www.takafulbrunei.com.bn for more information on the various plans on offer.

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