Rehydrate and refresh with YOU.C1000

YOU.C1000 is nothing like your ordinary isotonic drink.

This is because it doesn’t only contain sodium for electrolytes but also has 1,000mg of vitamin C.

That ensures that your body stays protected and hence the tagline ‘Rehydrates and Protects’ is used for this drink.

It is made up of 10% fresh juice and only natural ingredients are used for colouring.

It also doesn’t contain any preservatives knowing how harmful it is to our health.

YOU.C1000 was founded with a Japanese license under Housewellness Food (previously known as Takeda) meaning that the formulation is originally from Japan.

Even the entire production process is regularly supervised by Japanese.

Eventhough the product is classified as an isotonic drink but the factory implements pharmaceutical standard for all procedures that is done. This is to guarantee the product cleanliness and safety.

YOU.C1000 has been in Brunei for over seven years now - distributed by Hui Huang Enterprise - having started with the smaller glass bottle (carbonated).

It has since introduced the isotonic sports drink and are one of the sponsors for the Sultanate’s only professional football team DPMM FC.

More recently it ventured into other sports including the MK Group Cup (aka Sultan’s Cup), which is the biggest basketball tournament in Brunei.

“As an isotonic drink, we needed an icon for our product which is known widely in Brunei,” said Imam Santoso, YOU.C1000 export manager.

“With the reputation that DPMM FC have, we thought that this club is the right one to represent our product and to bring it to the next level.

“We’re not trying to limit our product to football fans or community. Our product is dedicated to all kinds of sports,” he added.

“The purpose on penetrating to basketball is because we want to grab this opportunity as well because we see that basketball is the second most popular game in Brunei.

“At the end of the day, we are expecting every sport enthusiast in Brunei will know our product as an isotonic drink with benefits, which might give a different feel to drinking isotonic drinks,” concluded the Indonesian.

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