Brunei learn opponents for two regional age-group qualifiers


Brunei will be represented by the national under-18 football team (Tabuan Muda A in this year's DST Super League) at the 2018 AFC Under-19 Championship qualifiers from Oct 31-Nov 8 and the national under-15 football team (Tabuan A in the NFABD Under-16 Youth League) at the 2018 AFC Under-16 Championship qualifiers from Sept 16-24.

Tabuan Muda A coach Takao Fujiwara: All the teams in our group are almost at the same level, so I can’t say it was a good or bad draw. We will try our best.

Tabuan A coach Stephen Ng: We are preparing hard to produce good performances as good performances will yield good results.

In both qualifiers, the 10 group winners and five best second-placed teams will advance to the tournament proper along with the host country.

The top four teams in the AFC Under-19 Championship and the AFC Under-16 Championship will qualify for the 2019 FIFA Under-20 World Cup and the 2019 FIFA Under-17 World Cup as AFC’s representatives.

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