Eight Busiido athletes for Copa de Bangkok

Caption: Busiido BJJ Club's head coach Ahmad Faez Anuar (right) during one of their training at the club's affiliate Wolfpack Gym in Tutong recently. Picture: Courtesy of Busiido BJJ


Ak Fauzi Pg Salleh


BUSIIDO Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) club expect a tough challenge at today's Copa de Bangkok BJJ tournament in Thailand.

Ahmad Faez Anuar, who will be leading the eight-athlete team believes that his charges are ready to take up the challenge at the one-day competition.

"I am expecting a different level (competition), the competitors are geographically from different areas.. all the MMA camps in Thailand and Phuket draw a lot of Europeans, Russians and Westerners… so we're keen on testing that arena," said Ahmad Faez or better known as Eazy in an interview with BruSports.

The club have been training continuously since coming back with five gold, nine silver and five bronze at the Pan Asian Jiu-Jitsu International Open in Manila last month and they hope to keep the good momentum going in this competition and eventually at the Masters Open in Vegas in August.

"Nothing has really changed from the Pan Asian training camp… we stick to the same game plan and techniques and just keeping the momentum and bettering our timing of execution (in sparring), entrenching it into muscle memory really," continued the head coach of the Busiido BJJ club.

“Idealistic target for us in this tournament of course is to win gold. As a competitor that is the goal. But on a more rational point of view, it is the experience - the nerves, staying calm under pressure and basically just exposure (that matters).

“We just need to embrace the ambience before the world stage (World Masters) and the only way to beat the jitters is to face it,” he added.

This year is the busiest for the club with more tournaments lined up in the coming months and Eazy advised his fellow competitors to plan wisely.

“For this sport, fatigue is inevitable from all the hard training, let it be sparring or strength and conditioning or the extensive cardio… so for sure rest and recovery are needed… listen to your body, it's smarter than you think,” Eazy said.

“Never underestimate in good nutrients and food… supplements in the form of fish oil and protein shakes expedite the recovery and massages are imperative too… it is high maintenance to live this lifestyle, but sacrifices need to be made for success,” he added.

The other competitors from Busiido BJJ club joining Eazy at the tournament are Nobel Lee, Abi Umamah Ali, Malek Ali, Hj Abdul Hadi Bakir, Dk Noraziah Pg Abas, Dk Mashirrynaty Pg Hj Matahir and Angelina Edward Lepi.

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