Anti-Doping Programme held by BDADC during SKBD

Picture: Courtesy of BDADC



BRUNEI Darussalam Anti-Doping Committee (BDADC) recently conducted the Anti-Doping Programme for the 3rd Brunei Darussalam National Games (SKBD) at the Menglait Sports Complex.

The programme was BDADC’s initiative to protect the integrity of sports in the country by providing safe and fair competition environment for all athletes.

The programme involved Doping Control Process in which 10 athletes were selected from various sports based on random selection and their level in their respective field.

These athletes provided urine samples for analysis at the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)-accredited laboratory in India.

Another part of the programme was the Anti-Doping Outreach, an outreach programme developed to inform athletes on ‘Anti-Doping’ and the ‘Say NO! to Doping and Play True’ message campaign to create awareness on the danger and consequences of doping.

The Doping Control Process was conducted and supervised by WADA-Trained Doping Control Officers volunteers from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Ministry of Education (MoE) and Politeknik Brunei.

BDADC reminded all athletes to be aware of medications and supplements which might contained prohibited and undeclared substances.

All the prohibited substances list can be found at the websites provided:, and

Sport enthusiasts and the public may also follow the BDADC Facebook Page (Brunei Darussalam Anti-Doping Committee) and Instagram (bruneiantidoping) to receive updates on their activities and latest anti-doping news.

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